Framework for Identification of Systemic Patterns of Illegal Medication Prescribing, Use and Distribution


Together with Medical Data Analytics Corp (MDAC) we are working on developing software framework for identification of systemic patterns of illegal medication prescribing, use and distribution. Our team working closely with a specific county, district or state data department can provide distinct numerical and proprietary fraud detection algorithms and visualization leading to the identification of the wrong doers, whether working by themselves or in a local or multi state ring.

Our framework serves as the base for developing scalable cloud system with the core database located on a cloud. It delivers the following functionality:

    • Detection of confirmed fraud patterns on regular schedule
    • Provide real-time fraud alerts to registered users
    • Provide browser base user interface to registered users
    • Maintain integrated information about control substances users
    • Provide an appropriate level database connectivity to each registered user and each person authorized to write prescription or dispense controlled substance
    • Provide user interface to each registered control substance dispenser in order to upload control substance dispense incidents in real-time
    • Provide data visualization capabilities
    • Using machine learning for discovering new fraud patterns
    • Provide data exchange (batch and real time) with similar programs on interstate and inter-agencies levels
    • Provide data security involving full data encryptions and multiple levels users authentication
    • Provide intrusion detection capabilities
    • Provide business rule capability processing to enable complex rules processing

Fraud Detections System - white cloud v02

Fraud Detection and Monitoring Platform