Data-Driven Marketing

Below are examples of analytics  and dashboard presentations we have developed for the clients:

How is Our MQL Flow Growing Over Time
to Hit Our Goals?

1-marketing-how many MQLS

Where Do We Stand Against
Our Monthly MQL Goal?

2-marketing-where do we stand MQLS

Which Lead Source Created the Most Value
in Actual Deals?

3-marketing-which lead source

How Long Does it Take Our Leads
to Convert into Opportunities?

4-marketing-how long it takes

Which of Our Campaigns Best Convert
Leads into Opportunities?

5-marketing-which best convert leads

Which Campaigns are the Best at
Rapidly Converting Leads?

6-marketing-where rapidly creating leads

What are Our Conversion Rates By Stage
from Leads to Deals?

7-marketing-conversion rates by satage

Is Sales Working the Marketing Leads
Effectively and Punctually?


How is Marketing Contributing to the
Sales Pipeline Over Time?

9-marketing-contributing to sales pipeline

What Marketing-Generated Opportunities is
Sales Working On?


What is the Inflow of


How is Marketing Contributing
to Won Sales Bookings and Deals?

12-marketing-contrtowonsalesand deals